Company History

Dolphin Advance Solution is a part of the Dolphin Group, which is a subsidiary of the Nathalin Group of Companies. The Nathalin Company was founded in 1987 and operates in the marine services sector, providing logistic solutions and petroleum product sales through two sister companies, Prima Marine Public Company Limited and Sea Oil Public Company Limited. Prima Marine manages a fleet of vessels specialized in the transportation of petroleum products and is also involved in managing floating storage and offloading vessels, offshore support vessels and general ship management. In addition, Sea Oil Public Company Limited is specialized in the marketing and distribution of fuels and lubricating oils. Sea Oil is also involved in the upstream business, with a non-operated share in oil production from an onshore block and has become an integrated energy business operator.

The Dolphin Group is focused on energy services covering oil and gas field decommissioning, renewable energy, transportation and digital solutions. The Group has a fuel trading arm as well and is expanding its services in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.

Our Business

The Dolphin Advance Solution field of expertise is in well abandonment and platform decommissioning, providing all required services and overall decommissioning project management. The company also provides services to the oil and gas industry covering material acquisitions, logistics support, digital solutions

and marginal field development solutions.

The company is committed to provide services to their clients focused on customer needs

and hoping to exceed their expectations.

The highest priority and emphasis is placed on the quality of our services, with proper QA/QC at planning and execution levels. Dolphin aims to be in compliance with environmental and relevant government regulations.

The company trains and motivates employees to adhere to the highest standard of our industry.

Stakeholders include shareholders, employees, the community and the environment.

Dolphin is committed to optimise performance and create value for customers.

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment

The company cares for Quality, Health, Safety and Environment. The health and safety of our workforce is a top priority. We promote a safe workplace and believe in safety processes, including looking after our environment. We have strict QHSE management systems and procedures in place with proper training for our employees.

Our management is committed to an optimum QHSE performance and leads by example. All of our employees take responsibility for their own safety and ensure each employee is following our safety

and health policies at work.

Company Policy for QHSE
QHSE guidelines
QHSE management system

We want every employee to return home safely and in good health after work. Our target is 'Zero' - zero injuries, zero incidents, and zero environmental incidents and underlines our commitment to a safe workplace and environment. It is our company vision to set clear and transparent top-down goals for safety at work.

At each site a safety committee comprises of a team lead, supervisors and operators, which ensure all safety procedures are in place and implemented. The safety committee also encourages input for

improvements for working safely.

Company QHSE Guidelines and QHSE Management System are developed by QHSE experts and a QHSE committee to meet the highest standard in our the industry. The implementation on sites and on all company facilities is compulsory and it is the responsibility of the Site Manager that they are implemented. The company QHSE manager and committee is auditing each site internally for QHSE performance following

our QHSE Management System.


Dolphin values partnerships with our customers and technology providers. To ensure our services performance and quality, we want to accelerate our ability to acquire capabilities and knowledge by partnering with advanced technology providers. We promote collaboration to build relationships for co-creation, share risks, responsibilities and interdependence for long term growth and sustainability. We establish a clear vision on mutual benefits, roles and responsibilities, invest to manage a partnership and design sustainability and successful implementation.